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Admiral Rhea Kydalla

Name Rhea Kydalla

Rank Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Colony of Origin Caprica
Age 41
Call Sign Firefly

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 135
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Rhea Kydalla is a beautiful, mature woman with dark auburn red hair and striking green eyes


Spouse Priam Kydalla (Estranged)
Children With her husband Priam Kydalla:
Son: Priam - age 47. Named for his father
Daughter: Phyllis - age 47. Named for her paternal Aunt.

Current whereabouts of her son Priam and daughter Phyllis are unknown, they were abducted
by their father and taken to his ship with him at the age of 7.

Children with Lee Adama:

Daughter: Stana Adama, age 38
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rhea is a competent, intelligent woman who has no patience for slackers. She's also known for pulling pranks on the unsuspecting and unwary.

Outward Attitude: The Commander of the Yavin Colonial Military. (ie. Do not piss her off!)

Psychological Quirks and Problems: Rhea has some difficulties in trusting people within a personal setting.
Strengths & Weaknesses Colonial Military Officer Training; Pilot Training; Ground warfare

Because she is a human-form Cylon, created by a Cylon scientist trying to create new models of human-form Cylon by cloning DNA
from human prisoners, Admiral Kydalla is susceptible to certain types of radiation which make her ill.

She is currently in her 3rd incarnation, having died twice now during combat and resurrected into a new body. This is the last physical body which was brought to the Colonial Fleet. When this body 'dies', it is unknown if she will resurrect again and if she does, it will be somewhere within Cylon held territory unless more of her model type bodies are found and brought back to the settlement.
Hobbies & Interests Rhea likes to paint when she has the time, which is rare. She is an avid reader and has a collection of books saved from the Destruction of the 12 Worlds. Also is a very competitive and skilled Triad player. She also LOVES to fly a Viper and spends every moment she can manage it out in her personal Mark VII viper. Much to the continued distress of her staff.

Personal History Born to a family of noble Caprican linage, Rhea was raised with all the benefits of her family's prosperity. Following the death of a young man whom her Father considered unworthy of his daughter in an accident (which was no accident in truth) - Rhea turned her back on her family and for a time was one of the more well-known Socialators on Caprica.

After the Destruction of the Colonies, she made it to the Helios and joined the ranks of the Colonial Military.

Over the years of their long, desperate struggle for survival Rhea rose through the ranks to become first Squadron Leader, then later Command Air Group Officer for the Battlestar Helios under the then command of Commander Hannah.

Rhea was promoted to Lt. Colonel rank and placed as the Helios' Executive Officer and then, upon Commander Hannah's death became the Commanding Officer of the Helios and its Fleet.

After discovering a Jump Gate which led the Fleet to the location of the fabled 13th Tribe - Rhea helped to locate and build a new Colony for the Helios Survivors. A Colony which was named "Yavin".

She has now been promoted to Fleet Admiral and Commanding Officer of the Colonial Military.

She now operates from Tethys Settlement, and does not actively command a ship at this time.
Service Record Past:

Pilot, Battlestar Helios

Squadron Leader, Battlestar Helios

Executive Officer, Battlestar Helios

Commanding Officer, Battlestar Helios


Fleet Admiral, Commanding Officer - Colonial Fleet
Fleet Admiral, Commanding Officer - Tethys Settlement