Senior Chief Petty Officer Donovan Roshenko

Name Donovan Edward Roshenko

Position Chief of the Deck

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Colony of Origin Tauron
Age 62
Call Sign n/a

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 1
Weight 14 stone 6
Hair Color A mix if brown and white
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Medium build


Father Matthew Roshenko (XO - Battlestar Trident - retired) (Killed During Attack)
Mother Laura Breslin-Roshenko (CMO - Battlestar Trident - retired) (Killed During Attack)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lorna Roshenko - Twin sister (Battlestar Trident) (Killed During attack)
Other Family none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Not exactly a slave driver but knows how to get the best out of his teams. Not afraid of cracking the wip and asserting his authority but at the same time is able of letting his hair down when the situation called for. Also not afraid to get his hands dirty
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - His experience on the flight deck of a battlestar also his working knowledge of the flight systems of any tactical vessel.

Weakness - At bit of perfectionist.
Ambitions He is at the top of his game - cant really go any higher.
Hobbies & Interests His interest has always been aircraft of any kind. Taking them apart to see how they work. improving them slightly, then putting them back together again

Personal History Being born on a battlestar, Donovan and his sister Lorna were both destined for military service in some shape or form. As a small child Donovan spent most of his time at the deck railing watching the deck gang work while Lorna sent a lot of time in the pilots rec room.
By the time he was 10 Donovan know every inch of the viper mark II and the raptor class so much so that he could tell what was wrong them as it rolled into the flight deck before the deck crew had even taken a look at it.

When the cylons hit the colonies the Donovan was visiting the viper construction facility on tauron with some of the Tridents crew. On this day the 10 year old Donovan world fell apart. As the news of the attacks spread across the colonies the standard crew attempted to report to the trident which was docked at Scorpion. it was on route that Donovan watched in horror as the Cylon nukes ripped through the shipyard and the trident.

A few days later Donovan found himself in a sickbed aboard the battlestar Helios. It seemed that his shuttle had been blown clear of the attack by the cylons own bombs and had been picked up by a passing liner. The Ships commander Hanna allowed the young boy to stay aboard the Helios seeing positional in the lad.
As Donovan got old he progressed at some speed through the ranking chain. even in his early 50 to be allowed to command the team that designed and built battlestar Phoenix to which he served briefly as chief petty officer.

Donovan always believed that the day he lost his family he gained a new one. Indeed over the years he has served he has seen the Helios family grow with new additions. although he never personnel added any himself he still feels like a grandfather to many of them. What he has forgotten about the helios over the years. the others are still learning.
Service Record Deck hand - Battlestar Helios
Trainer Specialist (Avionics and Propulsion) - Battlestar Helios
Specialist (Avionics and Propulsion) - Battlestar Helios
Petty Officer -
Chief Petty Officer (Chief of deck) - Battlestar Helios
Chief Petty Officer (Chief of Deck) Battlestar Phoenix
Senior Chief Petty Officer (Chief of the Deck) - Battlestar Helios