Lieutenant Ryan Connor

Name Ryan Connor

Position Viper Pilot

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Colony of Origin Aeria
Age 23
Call Sign Merlin

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 172lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Average build and height, but fairly attractive. He and his sister are identical twins


Spouse None
Children None
Father Vernon Connor
Mother Innara Connor - nee Micra
Sister(s) Jade Connor (twin)
Other Family Uncle Titus Micra, Uncle Kale Micra, Uncle Lane Micra, Aunt Valeria Micra, Aunt Calliope Micra-Hogan. Cousin Harken Hogan, Cousin Tori Hogan. Cousin Mark Micra, Cousin Jesmin Micra

Personality & Traits

General Overview Easy going, friendly, open and honest
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - excellent reflexes, fast learner
Weaknesses - over protective of his sister and family
Ambitions Wants to lead a squadron, perhaps be CAG one day
Hobbies & Interests Playing Triad, reading, hanging out with his family

Personal History Born on the ARGOS, he is the eldest of the twins, the only children of Innara and Veron Connor. He and his sister grew up amongst the extended Micra family and were always surrounded by family and in a loving environment. The whole Micra clan were ruled over by his grandparents - Jayde and Harks. It was a sad day for the family when they went on an exploratory mission and never returned. So, they are currently listed as MIA.

When they were old enough, Jade and Ryan enlisted in the Colonial Corp and both went on the viper pilot track. They both showed their grandparents skill behind the hilt of a viper and they both graduated with top honours.

The last few years they had become an almost unstoppable team in the defence of the fleet.
Service Record Graduated with honours Colonial Academy
Assigned to Helios Squadron