Lieutenant Colonel Atlas Ulysses

Name Atlas Demetrius Ulysses

Position Commanding Officer - Combat Cargo Vessel

Second Position Command Adviser

Rank Lieutenant Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Colony of Origin None: Born after the Exodus - Sagittaran & Piscon by heritage.
Age 43
Call Sign Wolfman

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 180 lbs.
Hair Color Raven-black
Eye Color Brown - Amber
Physical Description Rugged-yet-Handsome (and he knows it). Dark brown skin, thick hair (but kept short), and muscular (cut). Maintains a professional look as an X.O. should.


Spouse Leilani Kona-Ulysses
Children None as of yet.
Father Maj. Dan Ulysses (Retired)
Mother Capt. Leelakei Tiki (Retired)
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Priscilla Ulysses
Other Family Kono Tiki -Grandfather (Desceased)
Diaa Tiki - Grandfather (Desceased)
Vee Tiki - Aunt
Salome' Ulysses - Grandaunt (Desceased)
Rhodan Ulysses - Uncle
Alexa Ulysses - Aunt

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sworn to duty: strict and firm when it comes to command, but compassionate and understanding in other matters. He's an eloquent speaker, well educated, and has utmost respect for elders (a trait handed down and taught by his parents & grandparents). Most of his former colleagues and fellow pilots called him son of "The Pilot's Lawyer" or "Man with eyes of a Wolf" (hence his callsign). To warriors and pilots aboard the HELIOS he is the former Commander of the Air Group (CAG) and latest Executive Officer (X.O.)!
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
A confident individual - not arrogant or conceded - who leads by example. He is an astute Viper pilot and former instructor, physically fit, and good with his communication skills as he is with hand-to-hand combat techniques. Excellent Scientific knowledge - be it Chemistry, Astrophysics, Biology, and arithmetic.
Speed: from youth on up he loved any kind of vehicle that goes FAST! - Vipers at the top of his list. He misses being behind fighter's navi-hilt upon becoming the HELIOS' X.O. He's a temperamental fellow (a trait acquired from his mother); but, has a certain degree of patience (just don't push it if you're a junior officer, NPC, or any other subordinate).
Ambitions Command of a Colonial vessel (one day, the HELIOS herself - perhaps).
Hobbies & Interests Fast vehicles (aircraft, motorcycle and automotive, as well as aquatic vessels), and an inherent "Grease Monkey"- always tinkering with some kind of machine or mechanical gadget of some form or another. The love of his young wife, as well as other family traditions.

Personal History Third generation Colonial Warrior and pilot - born into a military family.

Son to Dan and Leelakei: from his boyhood on up to his teens Atlas was fascinated with speed and technology. While his parents were away on duty he delved into the world of mechanics with his late-grandfather Kono. He was always fascinated to hear his stories of the "Piscon Aquatic Racing Circuit" as well as those of his years aboard the battlestar SOLARIA* prior to its destruction.

At 12 yrs. of age Atlas exploited his mechanical prowess when he successfully rebuilt and energized a small "surplus" turbine engine at his grandfather's garage. It wasn't long until His mechanical know-how became common knowledge ammong some of his acquaintances. Almost immediately he was befriended by individuals who dealt in the clandestine "Underground Racing Circuit". Atlas quickly moved up the ranks from mere mechanic to acomplished driver and racer. At age 14, however, His involvement in such a group came to a screeching halt when His father found out about it. After making a quick call to the authorities Dan showed up incognito for a race. When Atlas recognized him, Dan shot and emptied his side-arm's clip into the engine of Atlas' vehicle in front his piers and admirers. Everyone, except for father and son, immediately scattered when the Police showed up. Dan paid the legal fees involving the public discharging of a firearm - "in cash". However, he forewent Atlas' legal dues and sided with the Judge's given options in order to atone for his actions: join the HELIOS' Flight Academy and become something of himself, or spend time in the prision's juvenile unit. Atlas chose the former.

After 4 years of Academy discipline, study, and exceptionally good grades, Atlas submitted his application to the Officer's Training Course. He was later commissioned as Ensign by age 22 and enrolled into flight school. Needless to say, his acquired reputation as a "hotshot" pilot with a tendency to fly by the seat of his pants (much like his father did before him) soon preceeded him. Much to his chagrin, though, Atlas was grounded TWICE for his antics; and, a third offense would ground him permanently. He re-adjusted his attitude and began flying according to rule... or else, no more flying. He was later assigned to the Planetary Defense Squadron and served as one of their pilots for 3 years.

When promoted to the rank of Lieutenant at age 25, Fleet Command transferred Atlas to the ARGOS as part of its flight team (somewhat mirroring his father's beginnings with the post-Exodus HELIOS fleet); and, by age 27 he was promoted to Captain and assigned as Squadron Lead.

While "on loan" aboard the battlestar HELIOS, Atlas had the rare honor of meeting and escorting the late-great Cdr. Owen Pulsipher through his former vessel and last command. Sadly, he witnessed the "old man's" silent-yet peaceful-death on the C.I.C.'s Command chair. His passing made a bit of an impact on Atlas, considering the stories he'd heard from his father and other older warriors regarding this illustrious veteran. He would make command his ultimate goal; and, perhaps one day living up to the legendary status Pulsipher earned. Atlas later transferred to the HELIOS becoming part of its crew. From time to time (and as an incentive) Atlas free-lanced as a flight instructor at the academy.

At the age of 33 Atlas was promoted to the rank of Major and assigned as HELIOS' CAG. He served for several years under that position remaining one of the fleet's most eligible bachelors. Although he shared many a romance with a young lady, none really made a difference in his life. His passion remained that of flight and duty to the fleet... until he met 23 year old Leilani Kona - young lady of Piscon heritage much like his mother and grandparents'. After a two year courtship Atlas married Leilani - following her tradition she retained her maiden name.

With the exception of becoming the HELIOS' CAG, (by his 40's) Atlas acomplished much of what his father Dan did as a pilot before him. Even though he encouraged his son to study law and join him as part of his firm Atlas humbly declined his father's suggestion. He stated his sense of honor and like of duties with the fleet his were his priority. Dan refrained from bringing up the "law" subject; but, he kept the door open if he ever changed his mind. Four years after their "law firm" conversation Atlas was assigned as HELIOS' X.O. as per Fleet Command's orders - Dan and Leelakei were in attendance for his induction as such and when HELIOS was assigned a new C.O.
Atlas D. Ulysses currently serves under the rank of Lt. Colonel.

*The SOLARIA was a ship mentioned on BSG:Clasic as "lost" in combat along with other mighty battlestars during the "Thousand Yahren War". It would be safe to assume that IT was also "lost" during the First Cylon War (or during the Cylon sneak attack) as interpreted by SyFy's rendition of BSG. Cool trivial tid-bit, huh?
Service Record Planetary Defense Squadron - Three years.
Colonial Frigate ARGOS - Two years.
Battlestar HELIOS - Seventeen years.