Lieutenant Varick Jeffries

Name Varick David Jeffries

Position Viper Pilot

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Colony of Origin Virgon
Age 25
Call Sign High Tower

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5
Weight 250
Hair Color Black, typically with an artificially colored red top
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description High Tower is aptly named for his height. Not typical of a fighter pilot, he stands around 6'5, and carries around plenty of mass. Coming from a boxing background, he's quite in shape and capable for combat. Brown eyes, and black hair that has some red coloring on the top, so that when appropriate, a Mohawk can be raised. He possesses deep set eyes and high cheek bones, and a stone jaw from years of abuse in the ring. Broad shoulders and chest, well built.


Spouse Presently single
Children None
Father World renouned boxer David Jeffries
Mother Catherina Jeffries
Brother(s) Varick has a brother named Robert that he'd not heard from in quite some time since joining the military. The move was deemed to be foolish by Robert, and they've since not spoken.
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Varick is a headstrong natural leader that isn't afraid to present the best option, even when his rank might not agree with the rest of the room. He has always striven to do what's right, whenever possible, even if it means he wouldn't be the popular one. Capable of working well with others, he tends to be a lone wolf until the need arises. He gives the vibe of being "unexplored", but knows quite a bit more than he lets on to.
Strengths & Weaknesses Varick has a hard time with letting things go, never admitting defeat, even if it may be the best option at the time. He can sometimes have trouble taking direction, but may ultimately succumb. He is a natural born leader in many respects, and often vies for the respect of others. He believes that it is something to be earned, and not just given up freely.
Ambitions Varick hopes to one day become CAG, or even command his own Battlestar.
Hobbies & Interests Boxing, drinking, and just plain having a good time. "We've only got a short time to be here, and you never know, the next run might be your last..." - Varick

Personal History Varick new a lifestyle of fancy and cash while growing up with a world famous boxer for a father. The Jeffries estate would be his primary residence growing up, and he would have no crisis that couldn't be solved in the household. It was apparent at an early age that Varick would grow to be quite sizeable, and his father wanted to take advantage of that. He would begin his boxing training at the age of 13, and would continue on until reaching the age of 19, when he fought his first match. Varick struggles with his childhood, feeling that he was never given the chance to just be a kid. Training and school work was all he knew, and when he refused to do either, he was met with swift retribution from his father.

At the age of 24, he quit boxing after acquiring quite the record. He needed something more. He decided to try the military after seeing some ads for their fighter wing. Being a pilot was something he'd never done before, and wanted to see where it would take him. Upon entering training, he was met with resistance as he had to cram himself into a fighter's cockpit. He was asked to change his profession many times, but refused to each time. He had gotten quite used to the idea of being a flyboy, and didn't want to give up on it now.

His training was fairly run of the mill, but Varick showed more tenacity than most, not ever giving up on a scenario until the objectives were met. This would sometimes prove to be an oversight however, when he would sometimes make fool-hearted decisions when in combat scenarios.

He has found himself now at the end of his training, waiting for his first assignment to a Battlestar.
Service Record Was able to serve as Junior-CAG in his class for 6 consecutive months, with a record of 15 successful sorties and countless patrol runs. CAG is something he hopes to attain in the near future.

No other noteable achievements at this time.